Shorthand Nursing

There are several others and this list may be periodically update:

AC- before meals
ACHS- Before meals & at bedtime
AKA- Above the knee amputation
AMA- Against medical advice
Anbx- Antibiotic
Asa- Aspirin
BID- Two times a day
BKA- Below the knee amputation
BM- Bowel movement
Bx- Biopsy
C&S- Culture & Sensitivity
Ca- Cancer
CC- Chief complaint
C-diff- Clostridium Difficile
CVA- Stroke
Cx- Culture
CXR- Chest Xray
DNR- Do not resuscitate
Dx- Diagnosis
Fx- Fracture
GI: Gastrointestinal
HPI- History of present illness
IM- Intramuscular
IV- Intravenous
IVPB- IV piggyback
K- Potassium
MI- Myocardial infarction
Na- Sodium
NPO- Nothing by mouth
O.D.- Right eye
O.S.- Left eye
Oz- Ounce
PO- By mouth
PRN- As needed
q- Every
QD- Daily
QID- Four times a day
ROS- Review of Systems
Rx- Prescription
SQ- Subcutaneous
Sx- Symptoms
TID- Three times a day
Tx- Treatment
w/o- Without





B) Rhabdomyolysis.

This condition is often seen after falls. Statins (such as simvastatin) are also common culprits and should be held. These patients may often have muscle aches (myalgias), tea colored urine, acute renal failure, elevated liver enzymes, and an elevated CK. Generally with Rhabdo you will see a CK that is 3-5+ times the norm. CK levels generally increase “12 hrs of muscle injury and peak in 24-36 hours” (emedicine ref #1). Aggressive fluid hydration and renal consult are generally a common course of treatment. Rule of thumb: if patient comes in with ARF+ fall look at the CK level. It is often seen after seizures as well. Rhabdo is often missed in the ER and early admission. Rock star status for sure if you catch it when others haven’t ūüėä

#1. Medscape

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Shortness of breath specifically when a patient lays down. These individuals will often sleep in recliners.


-Congestive heart failure

-Pulmonary Edema


-Aortic aneurysm/Dissection

-Aortic regurgitation


(There are other potential causes for orthopnea-these are just a few)

So What is on Nclex Anyways?

You start studying for Nclex all bright eyed and bushy tailed. All your highlighters are in a row, pens in place, notebook pads ready to go, and a plethora of snacks at your side. You are radiating study time energy like a LED light bulb.

But after several¬†days of endless studying, you realize that you may or may not have actually learned anything at all in nursing school. And suddenly you even question yourself;¬†am I even enrolled in¬†nursing school? Did I take the wrong classes? Someone must have mixed up their major with mine. Or is this all just a studying nightmare that you haven’t woken up from yet? Then you slap your self and remember- yes, why yes, I am a nursing student. And I have so faaaarrrrrr to go. You realize that you are no longer a ball of studying energy, all “ready, set, go”. You are not that LED lightbulb, rather a person fiddling around in the dark without matches, just trying to rub 2 sticks together to¬†make a damn camp fire.

When you start studying for Nclex, you feel like you are¬†on the last mile of your can see the finish line. Several¬†days after studying, you realize that it wasn’t the finish line at all; you are actually only on mile 22 of 26. You have a mental breakdown, you throw yourself on the floor and began to look like Will Ferrell in the step brothers when he has a temper tantrum about his parents moving.You studied like a maniac and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. You’ve even neglected some of your daily ADL’s for the sake studying for this test. You are still wearing your clothes that you were wearing from 4 days ago. You have forgotten what day it is. You are pretty sure you have developed a stage 2 pressure ulcer on your coccyx area from sitting so much while studying. You aren’t really sure if it’s you that smells or if it’s the stale food piling up insidiously near your study area. Your hair..well it looks like you got in a fight with it during the night. Your friends and family, well they think that you have secretly escaped to¬†Puerto Vallarta to simply avoid this dreadful test. Let’s face it, you are a mess, moving at a snail pace, dramatically doubting yourself, and wondering “Why did I want to do this nursing thing again?”.

This is where you stop and picture  how you will feel the day after the test. This is where you start putting things into perspective.

The reality is, that you just don’t know where to start. You haven’t prepared to study. You have no idea what to expect and you are telling yourself, studying for Nclex is going to kill me! But its not, and you are signed up for this, have made it this far, and will keep making it. You know more than you think you do. But I understand why it’s so easy to feel lost when studying for this test. But never fear, MedMadeEz is here-we’ve got your back! We know that it can be quite overwhelming. And sometimes you just need some direction.

So where to start? What should you¬†expect on the Nclex exam? And where do you find this out? Although you should never expect that you will know all (or any) of the exact question (that’s called cheating), you can at least focus¬†on what areas to study. This can boost your confidence and just help you feel more motivated. And maybe even free up some time for you to throw out that stale food piling up, comb your hair, change your clothes, take a bath, and talk to your family! This is exactly why it is a great idea to do a little research beforehand to determine which areas to focus. So we have done this for you!

An absolutely perfect resource is the The National Council of State Board of Nursing website. They have an AWESOME  guide called: Detailed Test Plan for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses .

I highly suggest you visit this site and read this guide (Guide link) before you determine how you are going to start studying for Nclex. Don’t start yourself frazzle-dazzled trying to figure it all out alone in the dark. Pictured below are 2 charts (with the same info, just pictured differently) from this “Detailed Test Plan Guide” guide. These are extremely valuable. The guide goes over these areas in detail.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.32.59 PM
Above is from:   Detailed Test Plan for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses Effective April 2016 through March 31, 2019
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.32.46 PM
Above graph is from: NCSBN -Detailed Test Plan for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses Effective April 2016 through March 31, 2019


We also have an Instagram-MedMadeEz that you can follow for studying questions. This can really help build your confidence as well. And help test what you know and what you don’t know.

Good luck in this journey to Nclex. You are almost there!! You’ve got this!


  1. Both of the above charts come directly from NCLEX-RN Examination, Detailed Test Plan for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse, Candidate Version

    Please visit this site for more information!

Nursing Items to have at start of shift

Nursing Items to have at start of shift

1. Flushes
2. Tape
3. Scissors (can attach to a retractable badge hold so they never get lost-but make sure to sterilize after every use. Not intended for contact rooms)
4. Badge (Don’t forget this one!!)
5. Caruject
6. Bandaids
7. Retractable badge holder
8. Pen light
9. Alcohol wipes
10. Stethoscope (of course:)
11. Multicolored pen
12. Sticky notes (optional)
13. Highlighter                                                                                                             14. Informational Clipboard:   Amazon link to clipboard ideas

These are just a few of the main one. if you have other great suggestions, comment below. Every floor/type of nursing, need items, may be different. What is one of your must haves and why?

Scrubs and Beyond is a great site for a variety of nursing supplies (for some of the supplies listed above).

If you find cheap cost for the above items, please share in comment section!