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Welcome to MedMadeEz, your medical resource center for studying and clinical practice! This is an educational site dedicated to medical professionals; specifically nurses and nursing students. But we welcome all different medical specialties & fields to follow along with us!

There is a lot to learn in the medical world and learning is an every day process. Learning is not only a continual process but also a shared process. You can always read a book, but it is so much different to learn from experience. We have something to learn from everyone! Trying different things, asking different people, accepting challenges..that is how you grow! This is why you never stop learning in the medical field; because there are always never-ending opportunities.

We know the beginning stages can be tough! It is a different mindset. There is a big learning curve. So we would like to help clarify common issues, questions, confusion that medical professionals have. We believe the more you learn, the better patient care you will be able to give. And that is what is most important! We also know that people learn differently and thus, we will be providing a variety of different resources and techniques for all different kinds of learners

The nursing field is very different than many other fields. It is a different mind set and a world wind just within nursing school alone. You are not simply passing meds and following orders. You are doing much more than this! You are the organizer, the planner, the timer, the motivator, the teacher, the helper, and so much more. You are the eyes, ears, heart while you are taking care of patients. During this process your intuition grows, attention to detail grows, you learn how to quickly sort priorities, and you learn how to make crucial connections with quick responses. You will work harder than you have worked at any job but you will have more pride than you ever have had with any job. You WILL save lives, no doubt. This is your duty and it becomes part of who you are as an individual.

The purpose of this site is to help clarify, organize, and support your learning process. The goal is to also assist in improving and simplifying clinical practice as a medical professional. We also believe in having fun as well. A section of this website called “Let’s take a Break”, contains articles, pictures, videos, experiences that we enjoy. We strongly believe that learning is a process of continual about distancing & engaging. Sometimes you need a break away to get rejuvenated. It is so important to find you inspiration and motivation. Taking a brief step away can do this for you! Burn out, fatigue, and/or lack of motivation, can happen easily in the medical field. We want to help given strategies and ideas to help prevent burn-out. This is a great field to be in and we want you to stay in it! Sometimes it just takes a change of pace.

For additional studying resources follow our Instagram site user name MedMadeEz. Repost questions several times a week.

Whether you are a nursing student, a nurse practitioner student, a seasoned nurse looking to learn, a grad nurse studying for NCLEX, someone who is getting ready to change jobs just needing a refresher course, or feeling burnt out and just need a change, this site is for you!

We are working hard to provide a variety of resources for your studying. Please follow along and subscribe to watch the resources grow!


This site is in no way a form of medical advice for patients and we DO NOT respond to questions for medical advice. Please seek direction from your medical provider regarding your medical concerns. This site is strictly an educational site for medical professionals.

Medical professionals should seek any clarifications regarding ethical concerns, regulations, rules, limitations, guidelines, policies from appropriate advisors employed at their site of practice and or school. Unfortunately, at this time we do not respond to personal emails for advice or recommendations.

This site is meant to enhance and accelerate your learning process!




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