Shorthand Nursing

There are several others and this list may be periodically update:

AC- before meals
ACHS- Before meals & at bedtime
AKA- Above the knee amputation
AMA- Against medical advice
Anbx- Antibiotic
Asa- Aspirin
BID- Two times a day
BKA- Below the knee amputation
BM- Bowel movement
Bx- Biopsy
C&S- Culture & Sensitivity
Ca- Cancer
CC- Chief complaint
C-diff- Clostridium Difficile
CVA- Stroke
Cx- Culture
CXR- Chest Xray
DNR- Do not resuscitate
Dx- Diagnosis
Fx- Fracture
GI: Gastrointestinal
HPI- History of present illness
IM- Intramuscular
IV- Intravenous
IVPB- IV piggyback
K- Potassium
MI- Myocardial infarction
Na- Sodium
NPO- Nothing by mouth
O.D.- Right eye
O.S.- Left eye
Oz- Ounce
PO- By mouth
PRN- As needed
q- Every
QD- Daily
QID- Four times a day
ROS- Review of Systems
Rx- Prescription
SQ- Subcutaneous
Sx- Symptoms
TID- Three times a day
Tx- Treatment
w/o- Without


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