Super Nurse Poem

-I am a nurse and I think I might just have super powers

-I run my legs off saving lives on end for hours and hours

-I put on my watch, scrubs, penlight, and stethoscope too

– let me share with you my shift just a few things I do

-For the next 12 hours I pass meds but I also pass hope

– I do much more than just translate what I hear for that stethoscope

-I give my all using my skill, muscles, brains, and books

– I sometimes deal with rudeness, irritation, moodiness, and even dirty looks

-My back aches, my brains fried, I have given this shift my all

– I walk with you, talk with you and always run when you call

-I listen to your lungs and heart but this is just a small part of what I do

-I check your pupils, cranial nerves, vitals, labs, and X-rays too

-I clean your wounds, check for infection, and put in an IV line

-I get the things you need and try so hard to be on time

-I transfuse your blood and monitor how you do

-I am patient and kind and always wait until you are through

-I educate you on your meds and monitor you for side effect that may come

– I listen to your questions, concerns, complaints and never make you feel dumb

-I see you at your worst when you have great despair

– Of all people I understand that life sometimes is just not fair

– the cancer patient, I am there by your side, you lost your life too soon

-for the patient coming off NPO or clear liquids I will gladly grab you a spoon

– the stroke patient who is progressing and you get to share in their glory

-the suicide patient who cries and tells you their sad story

-the heart attack patient who stops smoking from that day forward

-Entertaining the patient who is waiting, anxious, and bored

-the kidney transplant patient who was just given another life to begin

-a “frequent flyer” who we all know well and actually call them a friend

-the patient in withdrawals with hallucinations, tremors, and sweats

– the patient near the end who shares with you their life’s sorrows and regrets

-I see families when they cry, anger, and grieve

-I have been at bedsides tearing with families when their loved ones leave

-I have this strange 6th sense that I cannot explain

-Some call intuition but I think there is a better name

– Empathy, patience, compassion, kindness, yes these thing are me

– What is my name? Super nurse is fitting, yes that’s what it should be


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