Suffix for Medication Classes (endings)

Note that there are exceptions and variations to the below endings. This is simply a generalization for most or many medications in that specific class.

  1. -Azempam: Benzodiazepine (Anti-anxiety) Example Lorazepam. Note some benzos end differently
  2. -Azole: Anti-fungal (Fungal infections) Example Clotrimazole
    3. -Cillin: Penicillins (Antibiotic) Example Amoxicillin
    4. -Cycline: Tetracycline (Antibiotic) Example Doxycycline
    5. -Dipine: Calcium Channel Blocker (Hypertension) Example Amlodipine
    6. -Floxacin: Fluoroquinolone (Antibitoic) Example Ciprofloxacin
    7.-Lol: Beta Blocker (hypertension) Example Metoprolol
    8. -Mycin: Macrolides (Antibiotic) Example Azithromycin. Note there are also exceptions to this for example Clindamycin is not in this group (it is a Lincosamide)
    9. -Prazole: PPI (Acid reducer) Example Omeprazole
    10. -Pril: Ace Inhibitor (Hypertension) Example Lisinopril
    11. -Sartan: ARB (Hypertension) Example Losartan
    12. -Statin: HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (Hyperlipidemia) Example Simvastatin
  3. -Tidine: H2 (Acid reducer): Example Ranitidine (Zantac)
    14. -Thiazide: Thiazide diuretic (Hypertension) Example HCTZ-Hydrochlorathiazide

This list are some common ones. There are others. We may update this list gradually


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