List of Nursing Certifications

1. BLS- Basic Life Support (every nurse needs to have this)
2. ACLS- Advanced Cardiac Life Support (If you are a telemetry, ER, ICU, and many other areas- you will need this.)
3. DOT: Department of Transportation certificate (For advanced care providers-FNP, PA, Doctors)
4. PALs: Pediatric Advanced Life Support
5. CWCA: Certified Wound Care Associate (for wound care nurses) American Board of Wound Management
6. CCRN: Certification for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Nurses
7. CCRN-E – Adult Tele-ICU Acute/Critical Care Nursing Certification
8. CNML — Certification for Nurse Managers and Leaders
9. PCCN – Certification for Progressive Care Nurses

There are many other types of certifications available. These are just a few. is a great source for certification information! Nursing Certifications Link 

AACN Certification Corporation-Great site to go over details about many certifications

We may update this list periodically to add further links & information.

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